RealtorElite Access

Overview: RealtorElite Access is a premium monthly membership service designed exclusively for real estate professionals. Priced at just $29 per month, this subscription offers an array of high-value Canva content templates, designed to streamline and elevate the marketing efforts of real estate agents and agencies.

Key Features:

  1. Facebook Ad Templates (2 per month): Easily customizable templates for eye-catching Facebook ads, simplifying property and service promotions.

  2. ChatGPT Prompt Templates (3 per month): AI-generated content prompts for engaging social media posts, blog content, and automated chatbots.

  3. Lead Magnet Marketing Material (1 per month): Materials to capture and nurture leads, making lead generation more accessible and efficient.

  4. Social Media Quotes (3 per month): Professionally designed quotes for audience engagement on Instagram and Facebook.

  5. Social Media Video Templates (2 per month): Video templates for creating shareable content, enhancing online presence.


  • Time and Cost Savings: Provides ready-to-use templates, eliminating the need for expensive design services.

  • Consistency: Ensures a consistent online presence with fresh monthly content.

  • Lead Generation: Facilitates growth in the client base with lead magnet materials and AI-powered ChatGPT prompts.

  • Professionalism: Elevates the online presence, reinforcing the reputation as a trusted real estate professional.

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RealtorElite Access

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